Idee / Mission

World Parliament of Clowns
The Clowns’ Wave of Wisdom & Smile‘

The world is in a state of chaos. Yet clowns are not afraid: chaos is their element. Through creativity and spontaneity they can alter chaos and make it loose its destructive nature.

The world is in a state of chaos, and every clown in the world has a duty to bring it back to a state of creative harmony – with the help of the wisdom of time and the “eyes of a child” – the clown’s unique point of view.

With wisdom and a smile, the World Parliament of Clowns – an initiative originated by some of the most celebrated clowns of our time – will try to re-stabilize our unbalanced ME-driven, business-oriented world, and bring it back to the solid grounds of reality, in harmony with the initial, spiritual WE-world.

Planet of Smiles – Poster

The clowns of the world make up a unique species perfectly “designed” to achieve this goal, since they are not hindered by the usual barriers of sex, race and religion. They can just be themselves, and with their inherent spirituality, their wisdom and their smile, and they can persuade the inhabitants of this planet to think in new ways, and to take on a global responsibility. Clowns can support and help their fellow humans walk this path.

The World Parliament of Clowns steps on the stage of a world replete with egotists, crooks, ignoramus, con men, and simply uncaring people. It wishes to help redesign this stage into a perfect ring where children and adults of all races and creeds will feel comfortable, and will not be afraid to play their own all-important role – that of partners, of responsible and open-minded citizens, of ethical managers, of creators of a sustainable future as citizens of the same planet, as keepers of its millennia-old natural life, who can protect it for all creatures that share it, whether human, animal or vegetal.

Clowns Immunity
The World Parliament of Clowns will give scientists, politicians, managers and entrepreneurs, artists and religious leaders and also all people of the planet the
Clowns Immunity to say all their thoughts and ideas and to give all their wisdom
to the world without the fear of blame and humiliation.
One of the rights of clowns is to fail trough – and this is o.k. from their point of view.

The Butterfly Effect
The symbol of The World Parliament of Clowns is the butterfly – in relation to the
Chaos Theory. The motion of the wing of a butterfly could become a thunderstorm
on another place on this planet. The changing from caterpillar to a wonderful
butterfly is the necessary process the people have to go to keep the chance for a
better future.